Monday, May 30, 2016

Canada becomes even more pussywhipped than it already is

Just when you thought Canada couldn't get even more pussy whipped than it already is they manage to go over the top. Freedoms are dead in Canada. A lot of people have compared the United States to Canada and said there is little difference between the two countries. I hope this video dispels that notion and brings to light the sharp contrasts between the two countries. If the so-called "conservatives" are on board with this legislation then the average conservative Canadian is fucked. A lot of Canadians don't care about this. They don't care about their rights. Although I sure they are a small number of Canadians who do care they will probably flow to the United States as refugees to avoid Trudeau's iron fisted laws. Before I conclude I would like to touch on something Lucian said and that is since it is illegal to oppress gender expression does that mean that I can act masculine and if feminists oppress my expressing myself do they go to jail for oppressing me and the way I express myself? Not likely. More feminist/liberal hypocrisy.

Which brings us to the new Canadian national anthem. Come on kids sing along okay:

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