Monday, May 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton Plans to Put Men on “Reservations” for Failing to Respect her “Progressive-Liberal Views!”

Hillary Clinton

The Open War Against Men is Finally Here Thanks to Hillary Clinton

On April 29, Hillary Clinton made some head spinning comments about men in her world view. In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Hillary Clinton has a plan for misbehaving men in American society. She plans to place them on a reservation where they apparently don’t have a voice and no rights to their opinion.

Hillary Clinton said, and I quote,

I have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak.

I guess men should not say thinks in public that may be truthful, their opinion on social issues or exercise their constitutional rights. According to Hillary Clinton, men speaking out on women’s rights (otherwise known as female privilege) should all be sent to reservations for “social reeducation”.

According to CNN’s report,

The Democratic presidential front-runner did not elaborate which men she was referring to.

Of course, Hillary Clinton was meaning all men.

Progressive-feminism is becoming more radical by the month and with Hillary Clinton in the White House this outrageous feminist radicalization will get out of control in a hurry.

Recently, progressive-feminist have demanded radical changes to our society by treating men like cattle or sperm banks.

For example, a 22- year old single mother and university student suggested society should reduce the male population by 90% and the remaining 10% should be treated like slaves.

Then, progressive-feminist authors call for the “end of men” as the dominate sex in our society and happily flaunt their opinions in mainstream media. Sadly, there is not even the slightest push back by our social or political structures. I’m guessing, men are afraid to speak up about these issues for fear of ridicule.

Many white, middle-class women who are “Hillary” supporters are the same feminist who cry out “kill all men” and “blame the patriarchy” but fail to see their own, vast female privilege in American society.

So far, it seems when Hillary Clinton is called out for her scandals, many failures as a Sectary of State and mishandling of classified material she brushes the questions off. Now it seems when a question of accountability comes up, Clinton tells Trump to get back on the reservation with the other non-feminist males.

If Clinton is voted into office and we happen to get into a war with another superpower and we loose, will she blame the men for giving their lives in the war she created? If our economy crumbles will she blame men to stealing women’s money? Or, if her Presidency turns into a failure will she blame Bill Clinton for not being supportive to her and her needs?

With Hillary Clinton’s statements and progressive-feminist supporters only time will tell how they will react towards men once they get into power. For sure, if Hillary does loose this election she may regret not placing men in these no vote, no voice “reservations sooner? Or maybe just conservatives, including Donald Trump are the only people ?


I told you guys about castration camps and if Hillary gets into the White House they will become a reality. If you didn't believe me then you better believe me now. Democrat men: don't think you're immune. There have been male feminists who've been betrayed by their sisters so you are not immune. If you want to save your own necks I suggest you make sure Bernie Sanders gets the nomination. If Hitlery gets into the White House your nuts on on the chopping block just like ours are. No men will be exempt. Femitheist made that quite clear.

If that doesn't convince you then maybe this and this will.

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