Sunday, May 8, 2016

W.C. Fields is no friend of men

A Voice For Men posted an article about W.C.Fields as a MGTOW. However at the end they have this:

This is not to say he was not capable of offering advice to budding MGTOWs. When an interviewer asked him how a young man could build wealth, he replied “When the little beggar is only ten years old, have him castrated and his taste buds destroyed. He’ll grow up never needing a woman, a steak, or a cigarette. Think of the money saved.”

Source scroll down to the bottom.

I know that AVFM has cut on MGTOW's in the past so I'm wondering if this salute is being offered with the left hand. As far as I'm concerned if anyone says a something like that they are no friend to men.

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