Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hillary and The Donald are neck and neck

Today Fox News, CNN, and ABC News are completely bewildered at the latest poll numbers showing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton neck and neck in key swing states which may determine the November election.

CNN picked apart survey data and found Donald Trump essentially tied with Hillary Clinton in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. Not too surprisingly, Donald Trump has a double-digit lead in male voters in each of these three states. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton is up nine points with women voters in these key states. ABC News also supported this data showing Donald Trump surpassing Hillary Clinton in male voters by a very wide margin.

The point best sums up the Quinnipiac University poll released today is this… Hillary Clinton does not believe men are worth talking about. Even the casual political observer has noticed in recent weeks Hillary Clinton does not discuss men or men’s issues at all. It’s almost like she has a philosophy which radiates “men don’t have issues”, “men don’t need a voice in society” and “men need to get on board with women’s issues”.

Men are tired of being scapegoats in society for women’s problems. For decades men have been the scapegoats for women not succeeding in the workforce, becoming victims of domestic violence, blamed for divorce, not having equal educational opportunities and a whole list of other social ills too many to count.

The Fox News segment with Megan Kelly is right on point. When Hillary Clinton is forced to defend her record against a male opponent she immediately goes to the women’s card and avoids answering the questions or fails to stand by her previous position. Hillary Clinton’s defenders step in and claim sexism on Hillary Clinton’s behalf, defending her lack of answering tough questions. Bill Clinton, for example, even accused Bernie Sanders of being “sexist” when he forced Hillary to “own up” to her own behavior.

Clearly, every time Hillary Clinton is forced to answer tough questions she throws the woman card on the table as a shield to deflect against her bad judgement. Men in our society know exactly how this system works. As men, we’ve all been there and experienced this form of gender shaming. Women voters also know how this game is played. Donald Trump even alluded to this phenomenon in a recent speech that had plenty of news coverage.

Today, if a male employee criticizes a fellow female coworker or subordinate justifiably, in many cases women turn around and claim discrimination, sexism, biased against women and a whole host of other social evils “men can only do against women”.

Katrina Pierson, the National Trump Campaign Spokeswoman said it best on Fox News,

Just because you criticize a woman, particularly in her criticism of you, does not make you a sexist.

Over the course of the next six months we will learn how deep the gender divide in our country has become. Will Hillary Clinton win the presidency by continuously playing the “woman card” by blaming men for our social problems? Or will Donald Trump finally put radical feminism, progressive feminist and a whole list of anti-male and anti-father groups back in the cage where they belong? Only time will tell which side will triumph in November. Regardless, this election season will not be so much about Republican or Democrat social policy as much as it will be between “common sense” or “sexist feminism”.


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