Monday, May 2, 2016

Feminist gets off on destroying innocent men

Clementine Ford, a self proclaimed feminist editor, has had a man fired for sending his (former) company screenshots of him calling her a "slut" - meanwhile, there are a multitude of messages Ms. Ford has posted online saying things like "Kill all men" and other incredibly sexist, shocking statements. A person of true equality would not support these type of statements being spewed out so casually. Ms. Ford should resign from her job as a writer and weekly columnist for Fairfax' Daily Life.

Sign the petition to get her fired

She bragged about destroying innocent men. This bitch is evil. She has to go. This guy in the video has my same attitude. Be a man and love the fact you are a man. Fuck everyone who has a problem with it.


Michael Weening said...

This dilemma started in the early 1950's and has continued ever since.

Michael Weening said...

This tactic started in the early 1950's and has continued to current day. Rosie the riveter had no idea what she started.