Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another MRA hero is murdered

Robert Rivera:martyr for the cause

Are Mens Rights Activist Under Attack.

Low Wages are forcing many men to commit crimes to pay child support . In Floridas prisons dorms are being made to just house thousands of Vets. Robert Rivera was one of those men . That made a mistake as a child .Came out and spent years preaching in churches working with troubled youth and seeking to help the most oppressed and vulnerable people in his community .The picture is of Robert Rivera a man that was devoted to the Mens Rights Movement.

The Link Below Is A Ebook He Made 2 weeks Before His Death . Men's Rights Handbook

I know if he was alive today he would want people to know what is happening to our men due to a lack of affordable housing and their ability to have access to it . ABC News story

A Florida Mens Rights Activist recently gained over 85,000 signatures which can be viewed on search for.... Fathers And Men That Are Ex-Felons. It was reported that a women driving a a white van with a yellow tag left the scene of the crime. Robert Rivera died at the age of 34 years old. He also supported rights for women . He stated in many of his ebooks that he could not understand why responsible men could not live in their own ghettos. Could it be that politicians or feminist where worried about his petition that would help Vets and Felons have access to housing. He always stated that housing was one of the number 1 reasons why men had to commit crimes and sell drugs in the ghettos of America. He believed that in mans quest to live like others he may act out in unethical ways to maintain his dignity.

Congress requests that a petition have atleast 10,000 signatures he went over that 7 more times. Feminist have felt threatened by groups like the ANCPR which seek nothing more than to protect men and are ran by respectable lawyers. Feminist have targeted Mens Rights Actvist sites for speaking against unfair child support payments.Men are killing themselves in record numbers due to divorce and very high child support payments. Many men are left with no way to start a new life or even date and their is no affordable housing for men because they can not give birth to children. Robert Rivera like many other Mens Rights Activist seek nothing more than Gender Equality a state in which men can work and have access to the same grants,educational programs , and housing associaitons women with kids have access to. He believes that responsible men should have access to housing also..

We should remember Robert Rivera . The Fathers And Men That Are Ex-Felons was started by him and his videos and petitions are all over cyberspace Lets support justice not just for poor men but for all people we all have a right to live here. Let others know that Mens Rights Activist are no different that womens rights organizations. We seek to work through the courts for justice. Robert Rivera was a devote Buddhist and follower of the Amitabha Buddha and he loved life and animals . A cheerful soul that believed that dignity for men is important Men's Rights Handbook

It appears the feminists have upped the ante. I hope whoever murdered Robert Rivera is brought to justice and pays a stiff price. If they can find the woman in question then perhaps we can find out what happened to Robert Rivera,to bring justice not only to MRA's who want the killer of their fellow MRA brought to justice but also for the family members who lost a son,father,brother,uncle and male cousin. May justice prevail.

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Some of his work an be found on youtube and on God Bless his soul I am currently working on a project to prove housing discrimnation and am seeking support from the United Nations. I am so happy that people have made sacrifces for us MRAs.