Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Let's tell Congress about HR 4970

From SAVE:

Like I told you last week, in politics, some people will say anything to win. I know this, but I'm still floored by all of the misinformation being published about HR4970. Maybe they are blindly believing members of the domestic violence industry.

Recent fundraising emails from major VAWA-funded organizations are the worst offenders. Even though the GAO and the DOJ found misuse of funds and fraud, these organizations are fighting against accountability. And they're doing this by misrepresenting how HR4970 will affect the LGBT community.

What they don't say, is that HR4970 is the only VAWA that removes all discrimination, the only VAWA that allows service providers to open shelters for men who are abused (40% of all injured victims!). If we, as a society, are going to claim to want to help every victim, shouldn't that include heterosexual men?

Let's not let them get away with this smoke and mirrors trick.

So, whether you want abused men to have services, or whether you want your tax dollars spent correctly, please contact your Representative and ask them to vote YES on HR4970.

Please call the Capitol Hill Switchboard: 202.224.3121. Tell the operator your zip code and ask to be connected to your Representative's office. Or find their phone number here.

Tell your Representative to vote YES on HR 4970.

We can do this! You, me, and all of our friends. Share this e-lert with your social media network today!


Teri Stoddard, Program Director

Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

Let's let them know the importance of this bill and that we want it so let's let them know ASAP. It may also be a good idea to email the Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner here and House Majority Leader Republican Eric Cantor here. If we can get them on board our cause that is a very good thing. Let's do it.

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