Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tell Obama you don't want indefinite detention

Tell Obama: End Indefinite Detention Now!

It was amazing news: Chris Hedges, Revolution Truth, et al won their lawsuit last week as a judge ruled that indefinite detention violates the Constitution. More than 50,000 Demand Progress members have signed on as supporters of the lawsuit.

Now indefinite detention is back in President Obama's hands: He can tell the government's lawyers not to appeal the ruling and end this travesty once and for all. Meanwhile, the Senate takes up indefinite detention THIS WEEK.

Please sign up at right to urge Obama and the Senate to stop supporting indefinite detention -- and use these links to share the photo at right:

Obama signed last year's National Defense Authorization Act even though it included provisions which could let the military detain civilians indefinitely without a trial or charges.

Despite a valiant effort by opponents, the House retained indefinite detention when it passed the new NDAA last week. The Senate will take it up soon, and President Obama can drop his defense of it in court.

Just add your name at right to send emails to Obama and the Senate right away.

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If being labeled a "terrorist" and detained by the military indefinitely without due process sickens you then you may want to sign the petition to Obama and the Senate.

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