Monday, May 7, 2012

Femafascism-Canadian style

As you may know Canadian MRA Earl Silverman is taking on the Canadian human rights commissions for being misandric. Earl's story is here and here. Now don't get the idea that Canada is going to become an MRA paradise anytime soon. Not when you look at this and the following:

To day I will be in court setting a date for a jury trial [charges are indictable] on the charges of extortion and threatening; both bogus and if brought to someone else the charges would be dropped.

The is the system eliminating dissent; jail them and send them to the gulag...

I am calling this system abuse the RPG; the Rosa Parks Gambit; I will not sit in the back of the bus because I am a man!!! I hope this abuse can become a national rally point; if I am in jail who will take over, who will speak out, but most important; WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT THE COUNTRY WE LIVE IN????????????????????????

May 16 I will before the Appeals Court of Alberta pertaining to the abuse of the system against the hr complaint.

The MASH*4077 needs some cash to stay alive; this is the only shelter in Canada and needs Canadian involvement. We need your support and cash.

I personally need some support with the criminal court matters.

Do something and help.

Earl's website:click here

Source:click here

If the voices of Canadian MRA's are silenced then it is up to us in other countries to voice our concerns about how our Canadian brethren are being treated and to protest the injustice and oppression they are suffering. We should condemn the Canadian government for their oppression against one man that would dare to stand up to them. But that's the thing: It is not one man but all men and a lot of MRA's in other countries are watching what will be the results of that brave man seeking justice from his government. END THE UNJUST PERSECUTION OF EARL SILVERMAN !!!

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