Sunday, May 27, 2012

Men's centers in acadamia

I'm reading where a lot of college men are starting men's centers on university and college campuses and they are getting a lot of flack from feminists and manginas. If you are anti-feminist,pro-MRA and you are one of these guys we have your back. If you fit the criteria I previously mentioned then we will back you and help you get the center set up and fight off the feminasties. Universities and colleges should be the place for free speech and the fair exchange of ideas. Under feminism it is anything but that. It is time to restore what once was and return freedom to university and college campuses. You young college men are the future and when we get these centers set up and running things should get better for college men everywhere. A men's center will give men a male positive perspective by letting them know that masculinity is not evil just as femininity is not virtuous . The day and age of men accepting female abuse is over and we are not going to take it anymore and we're going to let other men know they don't have to take it either. Let's get those centers up and running.

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