Sunday, May 20, 2012

NOW protests Limbaugh

The full force of NOW (National Organization for Wretched Hags) is coming down on Rush Limbaugh. Yep,all 7 NOW members plus Sandra Fluke so that makes 8 pissed off femihags coming after Rush. The funny part is that NOW claims to be 500,000 members strong. What happened to the rest of the 499,993? Did ACORN oversee the NOW membership drive? ACORN believes why should voting be limited to real,living citizens? Why can't the dead vote? Why can't imaginary creatures and illegal aliens? I'm sure they used these methods to inflate the membership of NOW. Let's take a look at the NOW gang,all 7 of them. I'm sure Fluke is with them in spirit or maybe she's putting her birth control to work. Who knows.

Notice the spokeswoman has no problem owning up to the fact that her gender makes most of the purchasing decisions. That didn't sound like the victimization we usually hear from NOW. No it sounded like a tool of empowerment. A tool in which they can imply the following: do as we say and nobody gets hurt. But that's the problem. Even time NOW does something men and boys get hurt and that has to change.

Thanks to Christian J for hipping me to this:click here.

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