Sunday, August 19, 2012

Listen to the music

There is an old Doobie Brothers song entitled I listen to the music and as we all know the music has changed. Politics has certainly been a factor but there is little difference between the old political songs and the newer ones. I would venture a guess and say that music has changed between the genders over the years and it certainly has changed due to feminism. Here is some old music from the days before feminism has poisoned things:

Now compare those to the music of today:

Notice the difference. If you've read a lot of this blog you will realize that the songs that Andy Kim and George McCrae made famous could not apply today. In fact a lot of my readers would never place themselves in that position and for good reason. Trusting women is just out of the picture. Read a lot of this blog and you'll see why. Women have no one but themselves to blame. I leave them to their cats,dildos and loneliness. I,along with other men,have more important things to do than waste time with them.

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