Saturday, August 25, 2012

Misandrist shoots men

Armed Robber Taken Down by Witnesses

(KCEN) -- Two people were shot in a Washington State grocery store before other shoppers tackled the suspect.

It happened in Gig Harbor about ten miles northwest of Tacoma.

Before police flooded the store parking lot Saturday afternoon, Peggy Ensor was sitting outside the local food mart selling raffle tickets.

"I asked her if she wanted to buy a ticket, she was very calm and she said no not today and she went into the store."

She says moments later, that the woman's demeanor completely changed.

"She was in there screaming and hollering I couldn't hear what she was saying, but the next thing I knew she threw her arms up, and pop, pop, pop and the next thing I know there was two men down."

Investigators say several shots were fired, and A 76-year man was hit in the leg, a man in his 30's in the stomach.

"They were laying in a pool of blood."

"After she looked at me I thought oh my God she don't want no witnesses maybe she'll come after me I don't know."

Peggy took off running, while two customers stopped the armed woman.

Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor says, "Two of the citizens here courageously threw this woman to the ground and sat on her to control her."

Police arrived and made the arrest.

"We believe at this time this was a random shooting situation,"

As detectives collected evidence, like the suspect's car the two men shot were rushed to the hospital.

A clerk was injured too, according to Shopper Ian McKnight

"He turned to me and said well I got a ricochet and he showed me his leg and it was dripping with blood. It's sheer terror a gun and someone getting shot is not something that happens everyday."

According to witnesses, the shooter was targeting men. She even apologized to a female shopper for scaring her and allowed her to leave.

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Don't tell me there is no war on men. This proves it. Today's women are anxious to kill men if you don't believe me this should prove it.

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