Sunday, August 19, 2012

Visit Mancouver,British Columbia

From John The Other:

The federal govt of Canada, and the provincial govt of British Columbia: Officially re-name the city of Vancouver, B.C. to Mancouver, B.C.

by Jack Handbreak
Vancouver, Canada

As many people are already aware, on the weekend of September 29 and 30th, Vancouver's men's rights activist group, that's VancouverMRA will be holding a two day men's rights summit – a very small summit, circus and side show somewhere on the streets of Vancouver, and this glorious event the first ever of its kind, and the first annual Man-cover circus and side show.

It is true that Vancouver MRA is not the only boots on the ground men's rights organization in Canada, not by a long stretch. There is also Men's Rights Edmonton, and Men's rights Hamilton organizations doing excellent ground breaking work. The Edmonton group now so effective that an oppositional organization has been formed to thwart them.

However, the city of Vancouver is where we do our human rights activism – and where Vancouver MRA was formed – and continues to operate, Vancouver is the city on Canada's left coast where an awful lot of action is happening in the men's rights movement. For newcomers, that's the human rights movement focusing of the social, legal and economic human rights issues affecting men and boys.

So, in addition to the first annual Man-couver western Canadian men's rights summit, circus and side show – we're going to do something more. And you can help, even if you’re not in this fine city.

In recognition of the ground breaking work done in Canada, and done in Vancouver on behalf of the humanity and the human rights of men and boys, we will be petitioning the office of the mayor, the office of the premier of BC – that's Christy Clark, who now has regular breakfast meetings of the senior members of BC's provincial government in which men are barred from entry and ejected from the premises right down to the serving staff – and we will be petitioning the office of the Prime Minister of this country – my home and yours, Canada – to officially re-name the city in which this human rights work is being pursued, to the appropriate name reflecting this great work. Going forward, let nobody refer again to the obsolete nomenclature of a previous era, and from today onwards let this city be recognized by it's true name – Mancouver.

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Not only that,JTO but today we are all MRA's. Sure I've had my differences with Elam but when it comes down to it I'm an MRA and the cause comes first. If any feminists out there are getting any "divide and conquer" ideas inside their twisted minds I want you to know one thing: I will shake hands with Paul Elam long before I ever shake hands with you. Never forget that. Anyway,sign this puppy to create Mancouver,British Columbia.

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