Friday, August 17, 2012

Tell the Democrats and Republicans not to fuck with the net

Over the next few weeks, the Democrats and Republicans will hold conventions and adopt platforms to tell voters where they stand on key issues. Platforms help define legislative priorities for the parties and the lawmakers who belong to them: Adopting strong Internet freedom language will help ensure that we'll never have to deal with another SOPA or CISPA.

This political ritual only happens once every four years, so we have just days to demand that the two dominant parties make Internet Freedom a priority.

Sign our petition to the Democratic and Republican officials responsible for drafting their party platforms. Tell them to adopt the following language:

"The Democratic/Republican Party stands for a free and open Internet, unfettered by censorship and undue violations of privacy."

It's about time for the Democratic and Republican parties to stand up for Internet Freedom -- and to do it in writing. 2012 has been a landmark year for those who believe in the right of Americans to share information and communicate with each other free from censorship and surveillance.

At the start of the year, we joined together to defeat the Internet Blacklist Bills (SOPA & PIPA), and just days ago we defended online privacy by stopping heavy-handed cybersnooping legislation. Along the way, members of both parties lined up against us. Join us as we tell the Democrats and Republicans to make Internet Freedom a

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Let's put both establishment parties on notice by signing this petition. Let them know not to fuck with the net. Preserve your freedoms by signing today.

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