Thursday, August 23, 2012

Boycott all Maine products

I'm calling for a boycott of all Maine products and services. Whether it is produce.lobster,whatever we will not buy those products. Likewise we will not use services headquartered in Maine such as travel services. We will not contribute to increasing Maine's economy in anyway. DA Carletta Bassano has wrongfully imprisoned Vladek Filler to prevent him from testifying against the ADA,Mary N. Kellett, who knowing persecuted him when she knew for a fact he was innocent of the charges against him,at her disciplinary hearing. So while Vladek Filler is probably fighting other prisoners bribed to cause him trouble Mary N. Kellett is on vacation in parts unknown,living it up. So from here on there is a total boycott on all Maine products and services and hopefully a large depletion of the Maine economy. We will not end this boycott until Vladek Filler is released and giving immunity from further persecution in this case and all those who persecuted him brought to justice and justly incarcerated for a long time. It comes down to this: free an innocent man and give him the justice that is long overdue or watch the money in the economy deplete like the water draining from a bathtub. It's Maine's choice.

Let's also let the Maine Chamber of Commerce,this is the only way to send them email and Visit Maine,the Maine website for travel to that state know about our boycott.

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